December 15, 2020

UK Sole Representative Visa

The United Kingdom Sole Representative Visa authorizes the senior representative

of a company to travel and expand the business in the UK. The sole representative has the right to make crucial decisions for company management and start a new office anywhere in the UK for business development.

Who can qualify for the Sole Representative Visa?

To meet the eligibility criteria, you should not be a national or citizen of Switzerland and the European Economic Era. Qualified candidates must fall in the following category:

  • Appointed as a sole representative of an overseas business planning to establish either a subsidiary or a new branch in the UK.
  • Working as a senior employee of a news agency, a broadcast company promoted on a long-term contract to the UK.
What are the mandatory requirements for the Sole Representative Visa?
  • You can’t be the major shareholder in your current company.
  • Sufficient funds should be available in your bank account to stay in the UK.
  • Must be fluent in English and meet the language proficiency requirements.
What is the validity of the Sole Representative Visa?

Initially, the UK Sole Representative Visa is valid for three years, and it can be extendable for up to two years. After completing the stay of five years, the sole representative can apply for indefinite leave to remain that is also known as permanent residency status.

What are the pros and cons of the Sole Representative Visa?


  • You can work full time for your company without any personal investment.
  • Bring your family members (dependents) in the UK.
  • The spouse of the sole representative will get equal rights to work in the UK.


  • No opportunity to work for any other employer.
  • Have to leave the UK if your employer terminates the sole representative agreement.
  • You can’t get public funds.

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Written By:- Mr. Sankalp Kumar

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