Greece presented the new Law 4146/2013 that offers residency licenses to non-E.U. outside residents that purchase property in Greece on 18th April 2013.

The base estimation of the property has been set to 250,000 Euros. The residency grant is allowed for a long time, approximately 5 years and is sustainable for whatever length of time that the property stays in the ownership of the underlying proprietor.

There are various sorts of property exchanges accessible in the Greek Immigration program. The main kind of transaction or exchange is the acquisition of property in Greece. The second kind of transaction or exchange is to sign a base 10-year time-sharing agreement. The last kind of transaction or exchange is to sign a 10-year rent of lodging housing or an outfitted traveller living arrangement.

The five-year permit of residence is additionally offered to the family members or relatives of the proprietor of the land property. Given that the responsibility for is kept up, after the 5-year time frame, the residency license can be re-established for an additional 5 years.

Joint possession is allowed, given that the people hold the half each and the sum contributed by every co-proprietor is at least 250,000 Euros. For this situation, both can apply for a residency allow and be joined by their families.

Proprietors are not required to possess their private properties, they can rent the properties and produce rental salary. Holders of the residency grant are required to visit Greece once every year to recharge and to get a substitution of their E.U. National Identity Card. Holders of the residency grant are not permitted to work. Be that as it may, they can be investors of an organization.

  • Option to live and set up a business in Greece.
  • Incorporation of life partner and kids in the application.
  • No language tests, no medical tests and no business experience.
  • Travel free visa inside the EU Schengen Zone.
  • The standard of living is high.
  • Probability of applying for citizenship following 7 years of living arrangement.

An investment amount of just €250,000 is required in land in Greece making it the least expensive venture program of any land residency visa conspire in Europe.