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Immigration and citizenship
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We provide expert team to create great value for immigration. Our Certified, Experienced & Reliable Immigration Counsellors can help you get a positive decision on your case. We provide Immigration services in almost all countries.

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Immigration & Educational Services from Experienced
Counsellors & Legal Attorneys

We’ve been giving advisory services for Immigration Visas & Educational services in foreign countries.

As our team at Eduflyx comes up with innovative ideas to help the clients, so have we also trended strong relationships with Legal Attorneys & Recognized Educational Institutes across the globe in countries like Canada, UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand , European Region & Asian Countries.

We have partnered with ICCRC Lawyers, MARA Advisory Lawyers, UK attorneys, USA law makers And European legal attorneys.

Educational Advisory 96%
Immigration Advisory 98%

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EDUFLYX is the best solution provider for all of your immigration needs. We have been giving Advisory services since last 13 years for Immigration Visa Services and our experienced team make sure that you get your desired Visa for your dream country.

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We provide Experts, Create Great Value for Educational & Coaching Courses

We provide expert team to create great value for Educational & Coaching services. Our Certified, Experienced & Reliable Educational Counsellors can help you to achieve success for your dreams and they will help you to provide expertise & excellent services for all your requirements. We provide Educational & Coaching services in all different countries across world.

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EDUFLYX ADVISORY rated as on of the most Trusted Immigration & Educational Advisory by our clients and it is one of the biggest achievement.