The nation of Lithuania lies in Northern Europe and is the biggest of the Baltic States. It appreciates a gentle atmosphere, various social celebrations that are held consistently, historical centres, show corridors, workmanship displays, spectacular cooking, and numerous other extraordinary attractions.

In view of its land advantage, Lithuania swarms with business openings and financial specialists can exploit it through business migration. Business movement involves enrolling or purchasing of an organization and receipt of a one-year home grant with a likelihood to expand it and get a changeless home later on.

Applicants must buy an organization that can make new position openings and lead certifiable monetary exercises. It must help the development and improvement of Lithuania’s economy.

  • A Door to Europe & Opportunity to a no restriction movements in the Schengen Area and EU part nations.
  • Option to work, study, own an organization, and buy land in Lithuania.
  • Option to buy and register a vehicle in the European region.
  • Stable monetary condition and minimal cost & effort of living.
  • It gives an opportunity to include the family members in the application.
  • Residents are likewise qualified for social benefits, for example, clinical treatment, maternity advantage, joblessness advantage, and so forth.
  • The benefit of being Lithuanian resident will make it simpler to acquire visas to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & USA.
  • An Investor can apply for temporary residency by beginning an organization with a base capital offer estimation of roughly EUR 28,000. It is generally given for one year however toward the year's end, it might be reached out for one more year, and as long as 5 years.
  • In any case, if the applicant puts more than EUR 260,000 into an organization in Lithuania and utilizes in any event 5 Lithuanian citizens, he/she can get an underlying living arrangement grant for a long time. This permit of residency grant can be broadened like clockwork and extended every 3 years.
  • Following five years of TRP (Temporary Residence Permit), an applicant may apply for permanent residency, and can likewise apply for Lithuanian citizenship following ten years.