Investment in Grenada

In 2013, Grenada revived its Citizenship by Investment program to pull in investors, speculators and their families. It offers one of the most moderate alternatives and permits candidates’ visa free travel to in excess of 110 nations including China & Schengen Zone.

A Grenada identification/passport permits visa free travel to in excess of 135 nations, including all European Union nations, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Caribbean and Commonwealth Nations, just as a chance to acquire the USA E-2 visa.

Beside its lovely landscape, Grenada offers a stable political framework, tax benefits for investors and excellent educational opportunities. Grenada is the ideal choice for investors searching for travel and security alternatives for their families. Their Citizenship by Investment program ends up being family-focused for not to charging over the top preparing and due industriousness expenses for family members.

  • Quick handling inside 4 months.
  • Consideration of kids under 25 years of age and guardians more than 65 years of age.
  • There is no requirement of physical residency & necessities to head out to Grenada during the application procedure.
  • There is no requirement of interviews, management experience or educational qualification.
  • Visa free travel to in excess of 135 nations including the UK.
  • One of the best benefit of choosing Grenada is Lifetime and Dual Citizenship and No taxation on worldwide income.
  • There is an opportunity to apply for a United States E2 Visa for Entrepreneurs.


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Options available for Investment

A contribution of US$200,000 which is a non-refundable amount towards the NTF, National Transformation Fund. The NTF accounts different undertakings in Grenada is used to help its residents and its key ventures which includes the agriculture industry, travel and tourism and other energy sectors.

Investment or Interest in an administration affirmed land with a base estimation of US$350,000. The endorsed ventures envelop land advancements, for example, lodgings, estates, and resorts. Candidates must save the land for at any rate three years following the award of citizenship. For the land speculation choice, there is additionally an administration charge towards government fee of US$50,000.