Study, Work, Live in Saint Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis welcomes outsiders through their Citizenship by Investment program. The Citizenship-by-Investment Program of St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis was set up in 1984, making it the longest settled program of this sort. Residency in Saint Kitts and Nevis isn’t required for citizenship.

Financial specialists of good character and notoriety can decide to make a commitment to the improvement of St. Kitts and Nevis and consequently they are allowed the chance to apply for passport and citizenship.

The candidate, their family members and kids as long as 25 years of age would all be able to be part for the application. In some cases, a parent can be remembered for the application too: USD 50,000.

  • Quickest preparing time, endorsements will be allowed inside 60 days.
  • Visa free travel to in excess of 120 nations including individuals from EU Schengen Zone just as th Switzerland, Ireland & UK.
  • Consideration of Kids under 25 years of age, parents & grandparents more than 65 years of age.
  • No visit necessities during and after the application procedure.
  • No education, interview or the senior experience required.
  • Dual Citizenship allowed.


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Expert Help

Options available for Investment :
In Real Estate:
  • Minimum Investment for each main Investor applicant is USD 200,000 which is resalable after 7 years or else USD 400,000 which is resalable after 5 years.
In SGF, Sustainable Growth Fund:
  • A Non-refundable contribution of USD 150,000 is required for a single applicant.
  • An applicant with up to 3 dependents, a non-refundable contribution of USD 195,000 is required.
  • For all the additional dependents in the case, regardless of age, a non-refundable contribution of USD 10,000 is required.